Mec Abrasives SRL: New acquisition by the group Siti B&T

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MEC ABRASIVES is an Italian company producing diamond and abrasive tools for ceramic tiles and slabs finishing; born in the late 90’s, MEC ABRASIVES manufactures products for lapping, satin finishing, grinding and surface treatment. 

In February 2021 DIATEX S.p.A. acquired 70% of MEC ABRASIVES which thus becomes part of the SITI-B & T Group to complete the range of products and services offered to the ceramic industry.

High quality tools such as fickerts for “full lappato” are essential elements for obtaining high efficiency of the machines, guaranteeing costs reduction and greater productivity.

Furthermore, the synergy with Ancora S.p.A. will allow MEC ABRASIVES to obtain greater support in terms of technical development, ensuring a growing quality of its products by always seeking the best solutions for the different needs of customers.

Thanks to the SITI-B&T and Diatex commercial network present with more than 10 branches around the world, MEC ABRASIVES is able to guarantee logistical, technical and commercial support, which is essential to allow exponential growth in corporate exports.

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