Ferrari & Cigarini’s solutions for kitchen and bathroom tops, steps, bullnose

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The new MVB AMINEUS is an automatic machine able to carry out both the cutting and the profiling of skirting pieces, doorsteps and window sills, with bullnose and half bullnose edges, in a single passage and with just one movement of the piece. Alternatively, it can make 45° mitering for production of kitchen and bathroom top and steps. MVB AMINEUS makes the production of high quality elements possible on ceramic, gres porcelain, marble, granite and agglomerate materials, in a fast and simple way, with just one automated compact machine. It is a revolutionary machine that meets the needs of ceramic, marble and stone workshops, with small to medium weekly production needs. Until now such workshops either had to use two separate manual machines (one for cutting and one for edge-profiling) or rely upon external service companies, with an incredible loss of time.

BKC is a bench used to glue the corners of steps or the kitchen tops to ensure you a perfect gluing and easy job.It is necessary to assemble the steps with precision and reduce working time to a minimum. Maximum size of bench 3000×800 cm. Special sizes on request.

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