Yurtbay reinforces its high-end market position with SACMI

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A new, complete Sacmi porcelain tile line ensures efficiency and energy savings.

A long-standing Group partner and a leading manufacturer of high-end ceramics, Turkish firm Yurtbay Seramik recently installed and started up a complete plant for the manufacture of 18,000 m2 of porcelain tiles per day. The entire plant was supplied by SACMI. This investment concerns Yurtbay’s fourth factory, located at Inonu, in the Eskişehir province, in the middle of Anatolia’s main ceramic district.

The new plant will allow Yurtbay to produce a broad, diversified range of formats, from the classic 60×60 to the 30×60 sub-size and larger 90×90 cm to 90×120 cm size. At the heart of the plant line two Sacmi High-Tech EKO kilns, which, with the driers, extend to 160 metres: these cutting-edge machines provide automation, efficiency and energy savings according to the highest SACMI standards. Equipped with the latest heat retrieval technology, EKO kilns are right at the top of the SACMI firing range, offering the best energy performance currently available on the market, with consequent economic, environmental and product quality advantages.

The plant includes three high capacity presses, linked to three EVA vertical driers. SACMI has also supplied the grinding department, which features an MMC 180 mill and an ATM 140 spray drier. To complete the order, Sacmi has also provided highly automated storage and handling, together with three EkoWrap sorting lines by Nuova Sima. These lines can handle both pre-printed and neutral blanks, allowing considerable savings on the amount of cardboard used also when packaging large tiles. This solution combines manufacturing speed and efficiency with an ability to show the brand in the best possible light, while saving on time and raw materials.

 This order confirms Yurtbay‘s status as one of the most advanced, dynamic companies on the Turkish scene. At the last edition of the Unicera trade fair – a pivotal event for the Turkish ceramic industry – Yurtbay was already able to present the new product lines manufactured using the new plant. With this latest prestigious order, then, Sacmi has taken another strategic step towards growth in Turkey, one of the most important markets for the Group’s Ceramic Technology.

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