Sicer SPA: The new range SOFT-TOUCH

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Sicer Spa, since more than 25 years a reference point for ceramic surfaces, will launch important product innovations at the end of March, during the OPENING DAYS in its renewed Gallery at the Ubersetto headquarters.

A new range of “SOFT-TOUCH” glazes for natural surfaces.

Extremely elegant and “velvety” surfaces that perfectly replicate natural marbles and stones, consistent to the touch, but at the same time extremely soft.

SOFT-TOUCH glazes are no-reflex, transparent and empower an excellent color development.

In addition to this, two main technical features:

– Complete resistance to acid attacks

– Total cleanability, in particular from nasty shoe rubber marks, which have always been very difficult to remove.

This new SOFT-TOUCH range, for natural indoor surfaces, is joined by ANTI-SLIP GLR glazes, designed instead for outdoor technical surfaces.

A complete range of no-reflex and anti-slip glazes that guarantee perfect texture, total cleanability and superb color development.

The GLR series allows you to calibrate the surface texture according to the required value (from R9 to R13) (A + B + C), ensuring the standard requirements of each country for the flooring of public areas.

The complete range of SOFT-TOUCH and GLR glazes are customizable for individual customer requests and production conditions.

In the renewed Sicer Gallery 15 project of great aesthetic impact and higher technical features will be presented.

In addition to these range of glazes, there will be the launch of new grits and micro-grits applied with the LOW EMISSION digital glue, and new digital materic effects.

The continuous research of Sicer Technology Lab never stops, “Materia” is the essence!

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