Hob Certec: Development and research on the first place

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Diamorph Hob Certec in 2022 continues growth
Well-known Czech manufacturer of ceramic rollers aims to close 2022 with revenues +15% to the previous period

Investment, development and research on the top spot
Despite the extremely difficult market situation, HOB CERTEC accepts the challenge and fights with all its might geopolitical situation, lack of raw materials, continuous increases in energy prices .
Investments continue, optimizations of the production process in order to cope with cost increases from suppliers, which have not stopped yet. Continued research and development , revision of body mixes to prolong product life and improve dimensional tolerances of rollers to give the customer a product of other exceptional quality that will help improve the output of the first choice of tiles.
Perfect choice of the rollers with minimum conicity facilitates the distribution of rollers in the kiln module by module, which is no longer necessary and simplifies all the maneuvers related to the change of rollers in the kiln, i.e. it improves the advancement of the tiles, especially in the case of the latest roller Hyperroll IQ, Its outstanding technical parameters play in favor of long life of the roller, suitable for firing all types of ceramic tiles and slabs, even high thickness, ensuring high flatness and reduction of defects and deformations. The uniqueness of Hyperroll IQ, comes from having succeeded, for the first time, in combining all the most important parameters of ceramic rollers, first and foremost resistance to thermal shock and resistance to bending, which is very important especially with large sizes.
In fact, Hyperroll IQ has a very high modulus of elasticity (120 GPa), which allows it to withstand high loads, while its excellent resistance to thermal shock allows rollers to be installed and pulled out even at high temperatures.
Additional advantages of Hyperroll IQ include its low porosity that decreases the absorption of chemical vapors and its less rough surface that ensures its long cleaning time by minimizing dirt sticking to it.

Finally, we would like to mention a roller born among the latest,
Hyperroll Extreme (XT), a super-technical roller with a Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) of 200 Gigapascals (GPa), the only corundum-mullite roller available on the world market with the highest MOE, designed for the most severe loading conditions in all sections of ceramic kilns, is confirmed to be among the best ceramic rollers in ceramic tile production.
In particular, Hyperroll Extreme (XT) ensures the highest production levels with maximum efficiency in kilns with very large sections, equipped with fully bending-resistant rollers with all diameters, especially large ones.
Hyperroll Extreme XT is therefore the ideal solution for the production of very thick tiles (30 mm) and large slabs with thicknesses from 3 to 30 mm, thanks to both the high mechanical strength and the ability to improve slab flatness by reducing (or completely eliminating) wave or angular deformation. Another advantage is the increase in kiln productivity, given the possibility of adding a row of baking material when needed. In this case it may be necessary to equip the entire kiln with Hyperroll Extreme (XT) rollers. Another of its advantages is its low porosity, which makes the roller extremely resistant to chemical attack.
Recently it has been installed in the most demanding production of 30 mm thick slabs of size 1600×3200 mm with a perfect feed, no deflection and thanks to the very strict dimensional tolerances such as rotational tolerance and diameter tolerance have a very positive impact on the flatness of these slabs with the guarantee of the highest possible production of first-rate slabs.
For more information: www.certec.cz or contact [email protected]

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