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For more than 20 years Diatex Spa is an Italian company leader in the production of diamond tools for Ceramics, and has always been dedicated to finding new solutions to improve the quality of our customers’ work.
The continuous contact with the market and the collaboration with the machine manufacturers has made the competitiveness of our tools virtually unparalleled and some technical solutions, to date, have yet to be reached by our competitors.
For years we have been working to improve the performance of our dry squaring tools; from the initial focus that was the feasibility of a tool that worked without water, we moved on to chasing new records of speed and productivity.
An example: Spain. ANCORA “SPEED DRY” dry squaring line with 12 spindles on glazed porcelain stoneware, 1200×250 size – 12mm thickness – total removal 10-12mm – speed 45 linear meter per minute
Another example: Turkey. ANCORA “SPEED DRY” dry squaring line with 12 spindles on glazed porcelain stoneware, 600×600 size – 12mm thickness – total removal 28mm – speed 23 linear meter per minute

All this is possible thanks to the new PS27R wheels that can remove 2-3mm each without stressing the mechanical and electrical parts of the machine.
Industry insiders know very well what it means to be able to work with these parameters (unattainable even for a traditional machine with water cooling) and how much the company productivity gains with a consequent decrease in production costs.
But how much does all it cost? How much is the incidence of the diamond working with these parameters? It’s amazing but it’s less than the old water-cooled machines!
And for those customers who need to recover dust, therefore having tools without copper, cobalt and nickel? We are present with the Eco-Friendly line to meet the needs of the customer: Diatex has arrived earlier in the race for innovation and product development with hi-tech tools.
If it is not enough … well, we are an Italian company!
For further information contact us at [email protected] or visit our website www.diatex.it

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