Anatolia enters the world of ceramic slabs with SACMI

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The new 250,000-square-metre mega-plant dedicated exclusively to slabs is already up and running with SACMI as the partner for all key technologies, from the preparation of the ceramic tile body to the sorting department. Advanced top automation and digitalization for another strategic reference in the Turkish market

Anatolia, a company based in Aliaga (Izmir region, Turkey), prides itself on “innovation, research, and inspiration”. The company inaugurates an impressive new SACMI-made plant that is entirely dedicated to the production of glazed and technical porcelain tiles.
The investment propels Anatolia, a leading player in the sector for decades, to the top of the Turkish ceramic industry, with ambitions to develop and export top-of-the-range products to the European and American markets.
Covering a total area of over 250,000 square metres, the new plant has been fully operational since early September and has been equipped with top SACMI technology, from body preparation to sorting.
The main machines include the MMC 092 modular mill and Continua+ PCR 2000, ideal solutions for production of the 160×320 cm size and sub-sizes. Downstream of the factory, Anatolia has installed the 258m FMD “Maestro” kiln, SACMI’s advanced cutting-edge kiln design, with digital management of recipes and all firing parameters to optimise consumption. With high-efficiency burners, the FMD advances the market standard that SACMI has already established. A modulated air-gas solution (precise control of the air-gas ratio for each individual burner ramp) In the digital set-up, it is not just the air and gas flow rate that are regulated but their ratio, optimising the process by type of product to be cooked and by fuel mixture.
In the pursuit of lower consumption, the main focus remains on ensuring the best quality of the final product. With FMD, all parameters can be managed directly from recipe to panel. Once the appropriate air and gas flow rates for each type of recipe are saved, the same cooking cycle may be repeated at a later date, eliminating waste, variation in tones, and so on.
An avant-garde SACMI BMR line installation complements the plant. It includes a squaring machine, a grinding machine, and the revolutionary Supershine finishing solution, which guarantees a very high aesthetic yield of the finished product and the latest generation of Ekosort and Ekowrap hybrid solutions is used for sorting and packaging in conjunction with the new Flawmaster vision system for precise, rapid, and accurate quality control based on self-learning algorithms.
The main feature of the plant is the high level of automation in all stages of the process. For SACMI, this is yet another strategic reference in Turkey, a market that is constantly growing with many satisfactory results in terms of the quantity and quality of projects completed.

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