ASCER Summer spaces

Summer is here. The time to relax outdoors, disconnect and enjoy the warm weather. Patios, gardens, porches and terraces are getting ready to welcome the summer season.

Ceramic tile becomes the ideal complement to bring out the best in our outdoor spaces. Because of its technical aspects; we are dealing with a long-lasting material that can withstand the passing of time because it can resist temperature changes, humidity, and inclement weather. And best of all are the aesthetic properties which makes this material attractive, warm and organic. We must also take into consideration the safety features that ceramic tile offers: antislip surfaces to avoid accidental falls, easy cleaning and disinfecting and as an added value it is fireproof, making it the best option for outdoor kitchens and bar-b-que áreas.

Ceramic tiles are the perfect material when it comes to conditioning or repurposing outdoor spaces. Deciding on format, size and the manner to install the ceramic pieces, is the key to integrate the space to its surroundings.