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Against the backdrop of the centenary of the company – which continues to strengthen its role as the world’s leading supplier to the ceramic industry –  the Indian market recently took delivery of its very first Continua+ line, the global benchmark for large tile and slab manufacturing.

SACMI is celebrating its first 100 years and has just been in India to share its latest technological developments with over 250 local customers and, once again, reinforce the Group’s role as the world’s leading supplier of machines and plants to the international ceramics industry.

The event was held on Tuesday 12th November in Morbi, the hub of the country’s ceramic manufacturing district. The high-level meeting saw plenty of info sharing and discussion on the topics of technologyplants and the future of a local ceramic industry that, following a period of sluggishness, is now bouncing back by focusing on new products and the state-of-the-art the technology needed to make them.

For SACMI, it was great opportunity to illustrate the specifications of Continua+, the solution setting the global standard for the manufacture of decorated ceramic slabs of various size and thickness. India’s first Continua+ line was successfully delivered to one of the country’s top players and started up in September. This solution remains the worldwide benchmark for the making of such products, not just on account of its enormous potential in terms of tile size and aesthetics, but also due to easy installationpunctual service and low running costs. During the meeting, the talk on Continua+ was actually delivered by the purchasing company’s staff.

Of course, SACMI is an all-round plant engineering provider: alongside the Continua+ Sacmi also supplied a full complement of upstream and downstream solutions to ensure properly engineered production flows. That’s why, in addition to Continua, the technical reports scheduled during this Indian event focused on multiple aspects: from modular grinding (in which SACMI has led the world since the 1980s) to full digital lines, from squaring (BMR) to firing, with solutions specifically designed for the Indian market thanks to SACMI Engineering, the nation’s hub for both manufacturing (kilns and dryers) and assistance before, during and after the sale.

Invited customers also had an opportunity to learn more not just about technology and processes but also see examples of the products that can be produced using SACMI solutions (e.g. the first-class kitchen counter tops that were on show).

Following the presentations and technical reports, the event ended with an opportunity for customers and SACMI staff to chat and exchange experiences. Indeed, listening to customers is essential to achieve – through world-beating technology and a far-reaching Global Network – the goal of becoming an all-round investment plan partner for the vanguard of the Indian ceramic industry. The meeting was also an occasion to celebrate SACMI’s 100th birthday together: a centenary in which the company is renewing its vocation to internationalise markets and spread world-leading technology, then as now. A key event, then, in a nation set to be a major growth driver in the coming years, with SACMI providing close support all the way.

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