The New Face of Ceramics: Sacmi at Revestir 2020

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New eye-catching slabs made with Continua+ to be shown to customers alongside new DDG and DHD digital glazing and decoration systems, all amidst strong signs of recovery on the Brazilian market, which SACMI aims to intercept with state-of-the-art ceramic technology

The very best SACMI ceramics technology meets the investment plans of the industry’s key Brazilian players. In short, the stage is set for Revestir 2020 (10-13 March), the biggest South American event for the ceramics industry: as in the past, this eighteenth edition will be divided into two sessions, business and creative.

It’s going to be an important edition for SACMI, which will be showcasing the ever-evolving Continua+, the integrated decorated slab manufacturing line that, with over 50 installations worldwide (two in Brazil), has set a new standard for the manufacture of high-added-value ceramic. Taking centre-stage will be the new PCR3000, the super-compactor that now makes Continua+ even more flexible in terms of tile size and thickness.

More specifically, customers visiting Revestir will have a great opportunity to reach out and touch – quite literally – some of these stunning slabs, made with this new technology and decorated using the SACMI digital solutions integrated on the Continua+ line. In fact, even the tables on the SACMI stand (2071H, in the ACIMAC collective area) will use these slabs, giving visitors a chance to experience their extraordinary aesthetics first-hand.

Also on show will be a major innovation that SACMI has incorporated into the Deep Digital decoration line: the latest-generation SACMI DDG (digital dry glazing) unit. This allows for the combined application of “dry” materials (flakes, grains and glue) and “wet” ones (materials, effects, protection) and integration with cutting-edge SACMI DHD inkjet solutions. The result? Innovative slabs involving the combined, selective use of different materials (dry + wet), all perfectly coordinated with the other digital devices on the line to let manufacturers create unparalleled texturing and depth effects.

Alongside the Continua+, SACMI has, over the last three years, installed numerous new-generation smart presses (the flagship model of which is the integrated-automation PH8200). Encouraged by this success, at Revestir SACMI will be showcasing several plant completion solutions – upstream and downstream from the production process – for raw material processing and firing. These span from mills and spray dryers (equipped with energy-retrieving RVE systems) to the new FMA+ kiln (which offers outstanding energy efficiency and significantly reduces fuel consumption) and the latest slab stacking/packaging systems.

Customer care is a SACMI Group hallmark worldwide, particularly so in Brazil where the highly qualified 35-strong team at SACMI do Brasil provides customers with close support before, during and after the sale. A vital original spare parts and technical assistance hub, this branch works alongside the parent company to provide the advanced remote assistance and training packages supplied by the SACMI Customer Service Division.

Come and see us at the SACMI stand (2071H, in the ACIMAC collective area) at Revestir 2020 (10-13 MarchTransamerica Expo CenterSao Paolo, Brazil).

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