The BMR 4.0 technologies conquer Russia

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Lapping, treatment, cutting, dry squaring: with its own innovations in the finishing process,
BMR consolidates its leadership position on the Soviet markets.

The market areas that stretch between Europe and Asia are characterized by a tendentially conservative approach, but still attentive to the quality and innovation that technology brings to the main product sectors.

More specifically in the world of tiles, the Russian territory demonstrates a balance between the use and production of lapped porcelain stoneware both glazed and technical, as well as glazed porcelain stoneware intended for fast-moving consumption.

To satisfy these productions, BMR proposes the consolidated technologies in the ceramic finishing process in terms of lapping, treatment, cutting and dry squaring for which Leviga, Supershine, Dry Cut and Squadra Dry are references. Thanks to the constant investments in Research & Development that allow us to offer customers around the world advanced technological solutions capable of anticipating market trends, BMR holds a leading position in and around Russia and is a consolidated partner for the main business realities engaged in the development of large size production.

In fact, the first plant for large slabs installed at the Intercerama plant, a well-known and dynamic company based in Ukraine bears the BMR brand, while the Scandiano (Reggio Emilia – Italy) company doubles its presence with plants in Epicentr and Kharkov, still thanks to the large, lapped format that uses dry grinding, as well as for all references installed.
Squadra Dry is still the protagonist of the latest investments sustained by Keramir Zao Dekor-M, an innovative and modern ceramic company that has evolved its production by embracing the BMR dry process.

These are some of the latest supplies that the company led by Paolo Sassi has carried out in the East. The experience gained in 50 years of activity, attention to Customer Service and an overall view ready to put in synergy all the components of the process to develop cutting-edge, particularly versatile and customizable solutions to meet the different characteristics of each customer, are the distinctive pieces of BMR’s DNA that make it recognizable in Russia and throughout the world as a reliable company both from a technological and professional point of.