Smalticeram: A digital future…

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In a few years digital printing has turned into the standard decoration system in the ceramic industry.

An innovation on this scale has significantly influenced the technical/aesthetic trends of the sector at a global level.

Precision of the innovative inkjet machinery and a continuous evolution of printers, which are increasingly performing and efficient, allow to achieve extraordinary results. At the same pace, research on materials for special effects is developing.

The SJ-SD Smaltink designed by Smalticeram S.p.A. enhances new effect matters.

A comprehensive system that, starting from four-colour printing, is evolving continuously.

Complex Reagents, Micro-lustres, Devitrified Mineral Bases, Whites with a differentiated covering power, Opaque Micro Pigments, Adhesives for dry applications and Tracers for surface engraving, are just some of the special products especially developed for this technology by Smalticeram S.p.A.

The possibility of applying material in quantity “digitally” points in the direction of the next challenge.

Production lines are more compact and synchronized, controlled by remote workstations; platforms can be transferred to any production unit. These are deemed to be the scenarios that can be hypothesized in the near future and Smalticeram S.p.A. is already part of this future, as an integral part of the digital process.

The ever-increasing propagation of large-size slabs production plants requires high-precision application systems.

The tendency of the ceramic industry, or better its need, is primarily to provide the end-user with more and more refined materials, with sought-after finishes but above all a performing and reliable product. An ever-increasing demanding clientele and more and more aggressive competition, force to very high-quality standards.

Through the combined colour and matter digital application, Smalticeram S.p.A. looks ahead. SJ-SD Smaltink is a comprehensive and powerful operating system capable of providing ceramic tile manufacturers with an efficient and reliable support that allows to deal with an increasingly demanding and refined market.

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