SACMI is the Brazilian ceramic industry’s leading wet body preparation partner

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MMC mill + ATM spray dryer: a winning SACMI ‘combo’ to create technical products of consistent, repeatable quality while saving energy and resources. New recent supplies to some of the market’s leading players. Moreover, as in the rest of the world, the trend in Brazil as well is towards ever-larger, more powerful machines to optimize efficiency and output

SACMI is the Brazilian ceramic industry’s n° 1 partner, taking manufacturers on this strategic market towards high-quality, practicality and stunning aesthetics. To achieve this, proper body preparation is a must: that’s why several of the market’s leading players have already turned to wet grinding and spray drying in order to better handle the rising demand for large sizes.
Here, MMC (continuous modular grinding) technology and the SACMI ATM offer a winning combination. Chosen by top market players – some of our latest customers include Lef Pisos and Villagres – these technologies maximize process consistency and repeatability and deliver huge advantages in terms of energy efficiency: up to 50% less electricity consumption for grinding and 15% less thermal energy for spray drying.
In Brazil, the market has responded enthusiastically to these innovations, thanks also to the versatility of the SACMI range, which includes finely-targeted solutions designed around specific customer needs. With the recent installation of 90 new grinding modules, SACMI continuous modular grinding (MMC) is the industry’s leading preparation technology as it responds perfectly to the burgeoning demand for large sizes.
The ever-increasing quality and quantity of projects confirms SACMI’s dual role as a partner for both product development and the implementation of more efficient, sustainable technologies.
Moreover, worldwide the trend is towards ever-larger, more powerful machines, in order to maximize efficiency and output. For example, in 2024 the largest and most powerful mill ever to be built by SACMI – with an output capacity of nearly 70 tons/h of processed material – will be started up in Brazil.

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