Sacmi Continua+: PCR3000 without frontiers, now also in Brazil

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Portobello completes its large slab project by taking advantage of the technology with the best productivity, versatility and lowest costs on the market.

Brazilian manufacturer Portobello has ordered a new Continua+ line from SACMI. The industry’s leading player in Brazil and the wider South American area, with 14 Portobello Shops throughout the country, the company recently launched its Projeto Lastras, an ambitious porcelain slab project to create products that combine outstanding design, practicality and environmental sustainability.

A project like that demands a perfect partner, and Portobello has found it in SACMI Continua+the most versatile solution on the market for the manufacture of large slabs and their sub-sizes, a solution that promises high productivityless scraplow consumption and digital synchronization of every stage of the process.

Thanks to the new Continua+ PCR 3000 line, Portobello will soon be producing a broad product mix in a wider range of sizes (up to 1800 x 3600 mm), both thin and thick, with the ability to produce both smooth and textured surfaces at the compaction stage. Accessories include the MDX 3000 for continuous density control and, upstream from the compactor, the 4-color DDD 3000 decorating unit for dry powder deposit. SACMI has also provided Portobello with a 7-tier E7P dryer, launched on the market at the end of 2018.

This order further strengthens the partnership between SACMI and this Brazilian company, which last year celebrated its 40th anniversary. What’s more, in October it organized the Unlimited exhibition, a showcase that brought together the big names in architecture and illustrated the opportunities offered by ceramic slabs. The exhibition also marked the recent opening of the Lastras production plant and the launch of these surfaces on the market. The inauguration, which took place digitally on 14 October not only officially presented the facilities and the professional training process: it also illustrated the slab production technology and the new Portobello Shop concept, created using these same surfaces. With over 8000 registered users and 5000 participants – many of them architecture, decoration and design professionals – the event was a great success (the exhibition website can be accessed via the Portobello website: and on the platform

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