Italforni celebrates its first 40 years of presence in the ceramic world in the name of innovation

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The company, led by current President Pietro Mazzacani, has consolidated, over the years, the experiences and acquired know-how, in continuous technological projection and evolution, with particular attention to the areas of intervention provided by National Industry Plan 4.0, which have brought to the highest innovative and qualitative levels worldwide recognized.

The presence in the company of Filippo and Gabriele, Pietro’s sons, led all business sectors, including production and trade, under the direct control of Mazzacani family. Of course, that has resulted in an increase in attention to the needs and demands of customers, which has always distinguished Italforni in its history.

Some events contributed to celebrate this happy anniversary.

Recall, for example, the expansion of the commercial presence with the opening of new markets, among which is particularly noteworthy, New Zealand where Italforni has supplied, assembled and commissioned an 80 meter roller kiln and a dryer of same length

A further reason for satisfaction is the construction of a 1400 ° C shuttle kiln for porcelain firing. This kiln, that is also suitable for technical ceramic firing, porcelain underlined decorations at 1350 ° C and refractories or artifacts at temperatures even over 1400 ° C, uses the electronic combustion system. This combustion system measures and controls both the gas flow rate and the air flow rate for both control zones. With electronic combustion, it will always be possible to control the air / gas ratio on burners by PC punctual management, thus gaining numerous benefits both in terms of energy and management.

Finally, we recall the choice of Italforni by one of the largest and most renowned third-firing companies in ceramic district, which led to the sale, installation and commissioning of a 25-meter roller kiln for decorated porcelain stoneware third firing.

All these are reasons for pride and recognition that push Italforni to face with responsibility and passion the challenges of solutions to customer needs for the next 40 years.

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