ITA Ceramiche looks to the future with SACMI automation

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New kiln – larger and more productive than its predecessor – and laser-guided vehicles connecting the glazing and sorting lines installed. This Fiorano Modenese-based firm, which is currently launching a renewed “I.TILES born in Maranello” brand, has now completed, with SACMI, the first step in an ambitious investment focusing on quality and manufacturing efficiency.

ITA Ceramiche looks to the future with SACMI by completing an ambitious project that aims to implement total process automation. This latest order centers on a new SACMI kiln, a high-performance model equipped with the latest heat recovery systems that has an output capacity of over 10,000 m2/day.

This is nothing less than a revolution for ITA Ceramiche, as it includes all the handling systems upstream and downstream from the kiln. In fact, all pieces leaving the glazing department for the new kiln are handled on SACMI-supplied LGVs (laser-guided vehicles). Moreover, automated storage means the customer can use the full output capacity of the kiln (117 meters long, with an effective width of 2,950 mm).

Kiln loading-unloading is also automated. Automatic racking machines deposit the pieces onto further LGVs that take them to the sorting and grinding lines, configured to handle 16,000 m2/day. The two new lines – each equipped with 7 stackers – were designed by SACMI to respond to the production needs of the customer, who makes, alongside the traditional 320×320 mm tile, a broad mix that includes 170×620, 220×900, 200×1200, 300×600, 600×600, 600×1200, 450×450, 200×400, 200×200 and, lastly, the 900×900, which will go into production by May 2021.

“This investment in SACMI technology”, observes the President of ITA Ceramiche, Andrea Spagni, “allows us to pursue a twofold objective: to boost product quality even further and increase the versatility and flexibility of the 6 press-glazing lines. This, in turn, will let us create new products to intercept customers in high-end, high-added-value market segments”.

Production is expected to increase by 5,000 m2 per day, bringing overall capacity to 24,000 square meters. “In 2022 we’ll move on to phase two of the project. This will involve a complete renewal of the handling systems that serve the other two kilns, with the older of the two being replaced altogether to take output to over 29,000 m2/day”.

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