FUSION – The new range of hybrid wheels by DIATEX

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Diatex is an Italian manufacturer of diamond tools that has been developing and manufacturing wheels for squaring and grinding porcelain stoneware tiles and slabs for over 25 years. The long experience on materials, the constant presence in the Sassuolo district, the wide sales network present in more than 40 countries in the world and a high technical know-how, have allowed Diatex to be recognized among the first companies in the world in development of diamond wheels for high performance dry rectifying. The continuous need of the market to obtain increasingly performing solutions in terms of production cost reduction and application simplicity, have pushed Diatex to design the new range of FUSION diamond wheels. This product range exploits the advantages of metal and resin wheels, merging their strengths together and ensuring a better finish and significantly reducing production waste. The ability of the FUSION wheels to enhance the high quality of the diamond and promote heat dispersion also allows for the following advantages:

  • large removal capacity.
  • solution of the dilation problem with diagonal differences
  • greater application versatility
  • simplified regulation

The use of FUSION PRO and LITE wheels increases the performance of the machines, simplifies the production process and improves the quality of the finished product. The range of FUSION wheels is a totally ECO-friendly version. For further information, contact us at [email protected]

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