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Dry squaring can be of different types:

  • standard removal: 3-5 mm removal for each side and standard thickness tiles
  • deep removal: about 10 mm removal for each side and standard thickness tiles
  • squaring of lapped slabs and tiles
  • squaring of thick material: 20-30 mm thickness of the tiles
  • squaring of non-porcelain stoneware material, red or white mixture

For all these processes and other less common, PREMIER has a range of squaring tools that originates in tradition and innovation, fundamental characteristics of the Vicenza-based company and which allow our customers to increase productivity while reducing costs. In the first positions of the squaring machines, where heavy removal is necessary, greater than 5 mm per side, or in the case of the so-called thick tiles, we have two metal wheels: the Turbo and the Biturbo, the latter particularly suitable also for high-speed lines (Speed> 60 linear meters / minute). In high productivity lines, but for less extreme milling operations, we have the Cut-Resin, which, like the Biturbo, stands out for not needing frequent adjustments.

For milling operations up to 5 mm per side we have the new Squadra wheel, which we use in the heart (central part) of the squaring line and which allows above-average productivity and durations. Then we have the Glaz, a wheel made with a special alloy that we use as a connection between the metal and resin wheels, doubling the life of the latter. Finally, we have the resin wheels, the Unica, a classic resin wheel for finishing and the Twin-Tango, a specific wheel made by two bands of resin and abrasive. Its specificity is that the two bands can have different or identical grits, in any case using the Tango is as you have two wheels on the same spindle, the potential in removal and finishing is doubled. Thanks to the thirty-year experience of the company’s technical department, PREMIER, by combining his wheels, is able to obtain the best results in any situation that occurs in dry squaring. PREMIER is also at the highest levels in the field of chanfering, we have different tools, specific for the different needs of the finishing lines.

The Standard, which is used in uncomplicated situations and with “easy” materials to work with; The Bisello Linea, which, thanks to the two internal and external resin bands that guide it, is able to perfectly follow even the most irregular tile profiles

The Resimet is the most suitable for high-speed lines or for very abrasive materials, has a long life and almost never requires adjustment of the machine. PREMIER, today, combines the thirty-year tradition with the strength of continuous innovation that is in the company’s vision and reaffirms its role as world leader in the field of dry squaring tools, where we obtain the best results in terms of productivity and cost.

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